Know and obey all safety rules

  1. The RSO is the ultimate authority on the shooting ranges.
  2. The RSO is authorized to correct immediately an infraction at the shooting range.
  3. Any decision or instruction given by the RSO will be followed immediately, without question and will not be debated with the RSO during shooting.
  4. The consumption of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are strictly prohibited on HGC property.
  5. When arriving at the range, first observe all safety devices, such as flags, cones or lights. Understand the range status and obey applicable range rules.
  6. When handling, loading or unloading a gun, keep the muzzle pointed down range.
  7. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  8. Under Range Safe Conditions there is no firearm, ammunition or magazine handling.
  9. No loaded guns are allowed in the Main Club House or the Club House at the indoor pistol range with the exception of concealed carry of handguns.
  10. Concealed carry of handguns is allowed on HGC property. Open carry of handguns is only allowed on the bullet ranges.
  11. Don’t touch the trigger until you have the gun pointed at a safe target and are ready to fire and sure of your back stop.
  12. Adequate eye and ear protection must be worn on all ranges.
  13. If a chambered round or shell does not fire when you depress the trigger, keep the firearm pointed down range, take your finger off the trigger and wait for 30 seconds. If it still hasn’t ignited, remove it from the chamber and place it in the Dud Boxes located at each range. They will be picked up for destruction by HGC staff.
  14. Cleaning firearms and gun handling on HGC property is performed in the designated Safe Areas. No loaded firearms or ammunition are allowed in the Safe Areas. Safe Areas include any range during RANGE HOT conditions. Muzzle direction must remain down range. When range is brought to RANGE SAFE conditions there will be no further gun handling.
  15. Shoot only at targets directly in front of your position. Shooting at targets at an angle may result in bullets going outside the berms or create the chance for a ricochet, especially on steel targets. Both are serious safety problems.
  16. When unloading semi-automatic guns, remove the magazine first, rack the slide twice, lock it open and inspect the chamber to be sure no live round is present.
  17. Members are responsible for their guests and must supervise their activity.
  18. Members and guests must remain together and occupy only one shooting station, to maintain a one to one ratio between a member and guest that is shooting.
  19. Members are encouraged to police their brass and clean up after themselves. Be considerate of the ejected brass from semi-automatic firearms to insure they are not interfering with other shooters.
  20. Full-auto and burst-fire firearms are not allowed on any range.
  21. No explosive targets are allowed on any range.
  22. Under RANGE SAFE conditions there is no firearm, ammunition or magazine handling. Cased firearms may be placed on benches but uncasing is considered gun handling which is not allowed under RANGE SAFE conditions. Uncased firearms must not be removed from vehicles or placed on benches under RANGE SAFE conditions.
  23. The destruction of foliage, property or wildlife on any range is strictly prohibited.
  24. HGC safety rules may be modified for sanctioned events and safety training. These organized shoots must provide a Safety Officer and strictly follow the rules pertaining to that shoot and style of shooting. The event must be held and managed consistent with the Licensing Agreement between HGC and the responsible individual.
  25. Before going down range, request a cease-fire and follow Range Commands. Unless it is an immediate safety concern, be considerate of other shooters and make your request when they have finished a string.
  26. HGC requires the use of Range Commands. They will be practiced by the RSO when assigned and also by Members in the absence of an RSO. Commands must be obeyed immediately.
  27. Should a firearm become fouled, refer to the HGC Firearm Clearing Procedure.